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Rule 634 | Slashing

Rule 634 | Slashing

(Note) Slashing is the act of a player swinging his stick at an opponent, whether contact is made, or not. Any forceful chop with the stick on an opponent's body or opponent's stick, on or near the opponent's hands, shall be considered slashing.

(a) A minor or a major penalty shall be assessed for slashing an opponent.

(b) A major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who injures an opponent as a result of slashing.

(Note) Referees are instructed to penalize any player who swings his stick at any opposing player (whether or not contact is made) or makes a wild swing at the puck with the intention of intimidating the opponent.

(c) Any player who swings his stick at another player in the course of an altercation shall be assessed a game misconduct (plus any additional penalty outlined in this rule) or a match penalty. 

(d) A minor penalty shall be assessed to any player who makes stick contact with an opposing goalkeeper while he is in his goal crease and who has covered or caught the puck, regardless of whether or not the Referee has stopped play.