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Rule 612 | Face-Off Locations

Rule 612 | Face-Off Locations

(a) The puck shall be dropped at the center ice face-off spot at the start of each period, after a goal is scored and in situations where a premature substitution of the goalkeeper has occurred when play has been stopped on the attacking side of the center red line.

(b) All face-offs will be conducted at one of the nine face-off spots. 

A last play face-off will take place in any instance where a stoppage of play occurs as a result of the actions of both teams or if play is stopped for any reason other than what is specified in the rules. 

A last play face-off is defined as the nearest face-off spot in the zone where the puck was last played.

When a stoppage of play occurs between the end zone face-off spots and the nearest end boards calling for a last play face-off, the face-off will take place at the nearest end zone face-off spot.

(c) When a stoppage of play occurs as the result of any action by the attacking team in the attacking zone, the ensuing face-off will take place at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot, unless the stoppage was a result of a shot going directly out of play off of the goal post or crossbar

(d) When a stoppage of play takes place in an end zone followed by a gathering of players, a face-off at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot shall occur if any attacking player enters the end zone further than the outer edge of the face-off circles nearest the blue line.

(e) When a goal is disallowed as a result of the actions of the attacking team, the ensuing face-off will take place at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot, unless otherwise specified in these rules.

(f) If the puck shall illegally enter the goal as a result of deflecting directly off an official anywhere on the ice, the resulting face-off shall take place at the nearest end zone face-off spot of the goal the puck entered.

(g) A team causing a stoppage of play shall not gain a territorial advantage with the ensuing face-off. In this instance, the ensuing face-off shall be at the nearest face-off spot closer to their own goal.

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