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Rule 605 | Broken Stick

Rule 605 | Broken Stick

(Note) A broken stick is one that, in the opinion of the Referee, is unfit for normal play.

(a) Any player whose stick is broken must drop his stick prior to participating in the play. A player or goalkeeper shall be allowed reasonable time to be aware that the stick is broken. A minor penalty for an equipment violation shall be assessed for participating in play with a broken stick.

(b) A replacement stick for any player who is no longer in possession of a stick may only be obtained from the player’s bench or from a teammate on the ice. A minor penalty for an equipment violation shall be assessed to a player who receives a replacement stick illegally, unless the team is assessed a bench minor penalty under Rule 601(b.4) Throwing Articles into the Playing Area. In this instance, the player receiving the thrown stick shall not be penalized.

(c) A goalkeeper whose stick is broken may not go to the players’ bench for a replacement during a stoppage of play, but must receive his stick from a teammate. For an infraction of this rule a minor penalty for delay of game shall be assessed to the goalkeeper.