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Rule 622 | Holding an Opponent

Rule 622 | Holding an Opponent

(Note) Holding is the action of a player wrapping his arms around an opponent or using a free hand to clutch, grab or hold the stick, jersey or body on the opponent. This includes wrapping one or both arms around the opponent along the boards in a manner that pins them against the boards and prevents them from playing the puck or skating, grabbing the opponent's body, stick or jersey with one or both hands, or using a free arm/hand to restrain or impede the opponent's progress.

(a) A minor penalty shall be assessed for holding an opponent.

(b) A major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to a player who uses his hand to rub, grab or hold the facemask of an opponent.

(c) A match penalty for reckless endangerment may also be assessed for grabbing or holding the facemask.