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Rule 638 | Tied Games

Rule 638 | Tied Games

(a) If the score is tied at the end of three periods and the game must be played until there is a winner, the following is recommended:
     (1) A 5-minute rest period will occur.
     (2) A 10-minute period shall be played.
     (3)Teams may play overtime with on-ice strength that cannot be reduced to fewer than three (3) skaters plus a goalkeeper. When penalties are being served that effects on-ice strength, player advantages will be played 5-4, 4-3, or 5-3 and players shall return to the ice at the normal expiration of their penalty. The proper on-ice strength will then be corrected at the first appropriate stoppage of play.
     (4) The game will be completed once either team scores a goal (sudden victory) and that team shall be declared the winner. If no goal is scored, the same procedure shall be repeated.

(b) Any overtime period shall be considered part of the game and all unexpired penalties shall remain in force.

(c) A shoot-out may be used in addition to (or in lieu of) overtime to determine a winner of a game. All shoot-outs shall follow the procedures outlined in Rule 406(c)and(d). A player (or substitute player) who is serving a minor or misconduct penalty at the time of the shoot-out may not participate in the shoot-out.

(d) If either team declines to participate in the necessary overtime period(s) or shoot-out, the game shall be declared a loss for that team.

(Note) Affiliates and Local Governing Bodies may make their own “determining a winner” rules including length and number of overtime periods, intermissions, and process of shoot-out rounds (multiple-round vs. single-round).