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Rule 633 | Refusing to Start Play

Rule 633 | Refusing to Start Play

(a) With both teams on the ice, after the game has started, a team for any reason refuses to play after being ordered to do so by the Referee, the Referee shall warn the Captain and allow the team 15 seconds to resume play.

A bench minor penalty for delay of game shall be assessed to the offending team who still refuses to start play and if the same team refuses to continue play, the Referee shall suspend the game and assess a match penalty to the responsible Team Official(s).

(b) A bench minor penalty for delay of game shall be assessed to the offending team if prior to the start of the game or start of a period, one team fails to go onto the ice promptly when ordered to do so by the Referee. 

A match penalty shall be assessed to the responsible Team Official(s), and the game suspended, if the same team fails to go onto the ice and start play within five minutes.

(Note) In any instance when this rule is applied, the Referee is required to report the incident to the Proper Authorities for further disciplinary action.

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