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Rule 614 | Falling on Puck

Rule 614 | Falling on Puck

(a) A minor penalty for delay of game shall be assessed to a player other than the goalkeeper who deliberately falls on or gathers the puck into his body, deeming the puck unplayable and causing a stoppage of play.

(Note) Any player who drops to his knees to block a shot should not be penalized if the puck is shot under him or becomes lodged in his clothing or equipment, but the use of hands to make the puck unplayable should be penalized promptly.

(b) A penalty shot/optional minor penalty shall be assessed to the non-offending team when any player, except the goalkeeper, falls on the puck, gathers the puck into his body or uses the hands to hold the puck while in the goal crease. For application of this rule, the decision as to whether the puck is in the crease is made at the moment the infraction occurs.
     A goal shall be awarded to the non-offending team if the goalkeeper has been removed from the ice at the time of the infraction and the action under this rule has prevented an obvious and imminent goal. 

(c) A minor penalty for delay of game shall be assessed to a goalkeeper who falls on or gathers the puck into his body and causes a stoppage of play when:
     (1) The puck is behind the goal line and his body is entirely outside of the goal crease.
     (2) He fails to play the puck with his stick when provided the opportunity to do so prior to being pressured by an attacking player.
     (3) The puck is outside the boundaries of the ”goalkeeper’s privileged” area.
     (4) He holds or places the puck against any part of the goal frame or boards or intentionally drops the puck on the back of the netting.

(Note) The goalkeeper’s “Privileged Area” is an area outlined by connecting the end zone face-off spots with an imaginary line and imaginary lines from each face-off spot running perpendicular to the end boards.