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Rule 631 | Puck Out of Bounds or Unplayable

Rule 631 | Puck Out of Bounds or Unplayable

(a) Anytime the puck goes outside the playing area, strikes any obstacles above the playing surface other than boards, or shielding, or becomes unplayable due to a defect in the playing rink, play shall be stopped and a last play face-off conducted.

(b) Play shall be stopped immediately if the puck comes to rest in the netting on top of the goal frame.
     Play shall be stopped and deemed unplayable if the puck becomes lodged in the netting outside of either goal and neither team is able to dislodge the puck within three seconds.

(c) Play shall not be stopped if the puck comes to rest on top of the boards surrounding the playing area and is legally played by a hand or stick or if the puck strikes an official anywhere on the rink. 

(d) If an attacking player shoots the puck directly out of play, onto the netting of the goal frame or if the puck deflects out of play off of an attacking player, the face-off will take place at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot