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Rule 621 | High Sticks

Rule 621 | High Sticks

(Note) High Sticking is the action where a player carries the stick above the normal height of the opponent's shoulders and makes contact with the opponent. A player must be accountable for being in control of their stick at all times.

(a) A minor or major penalty shall be assessed for high sticking an opponent.

(b) A major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who injures an opponent as a result of high sticking.

(c) Batting the puck above the normal height of the shoulder with the stick is prohibited and no goal can be scored as a result of an attacking player playing the puck above the shoulder with the stick and directly entering the goal.

When the puck is played above the height of the shoulders with the stick, play shall be immediately stopped and a face-off conducted at one of the end zone face-off spots in the defending zone of the offending team unless:

  1. The puck is batted to an opponent who gains possession and control of the puck, in which case play shall continue, or
  2. A player of the defending team bats the puck into their own goal, in which case the goal is allowed.

(d) The use of the “slap shot” in the Youth and Girls’ 10 & under age classifications and below is prohibited. When a player who, in the process of making a forehand or backhand shot or pass, raises the blade of the stick above his waist as part of the backswing, play shall be stopped immediately and a face-off is conducted at one of the end zone face-off spots of the offending team.