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Rule 407 | Goalkeeper Penalties

Rule 407 | Goalkeeper Penalties

(a) A goalkeeper shall not be sent to the penalty bench for an offense that incurs a minor, major or misconduct penalty. These penalties shall be served by another member of his team who was on the ice when the offense was committed. The player shall be designated by the Coach of the offending team through the captain and such substitute may not be changed.

(b) Should a goalkeeper incur a game misconduct or a match penalty, his place will be taken by a member of his own team, or by a substitute or temporary goalkeeper who is available, and such player will be allowed the goalkeeper’s full equipment. 

Any other penalties assessed to a goalkeeper, including minor, major, misconduct or match penalties, shall be served by another member of the team on the ice at the time the offense was committed. The player shall be designated by the Coach of the offending team through the captain and such substitute may not be changed.

(Note) All penalties assessed to a goalkeeper, regardless of who serves the penalty, or any substitution, shall be charged in the records against the goalkeeper.

(c) If a goalkeeper deliberately participates in the play in any manner when he is beyond the center red line, a minor penalty shall be assessed.

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