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Rule 408 | Delayed Penalties

Rule 408 | Delayed Penalties

(a) If a third player shall be penalized while two players of the same team are serving non-coincidental penalties, they shall proceed to the penalty bench immediately and may be replaced by a substitute on the ice. However, the penalty time of the third player shall not begin until the first such penalty has expired.

(b) When either team has three players serving penalties at the same time under this rule and a substitute is on the ice to replace the third penalized player, no players may return to the ice upon expiration of their penalty except at a stoppage of play.
     However, if the penalized team is entitled to have more players on the ice as a result of expired penalties, the Penalty Timekeeper shall permit the player(s) to return in the order in which their penalty has expired.
     When the penalties of two players of the same team expire at the same time, the captain shall designate which player will return to the ice first.

(c) When a major and a minor penalty are imposed at the same time on players of the same team, the Penalty Timekeeper shall record the minor as being the first of such penalties.

(d) Where it is required to determine which of the penalized players shall be designated to serve the delayed penalty, the penalized team shall have the right to make such designation provided such designation is not in conflict with Rule 402 (Minor Penalties).

(Note) This applies to the case where the penalties are assessed to DIFFERENT players of the same team. See also Rule 402(e)(Minor Penalties).