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Rule 401 | Penalties

Rule 401 | Penalties

(a) Penalties shall be actual playing time and shall be divided into the following classes:
(1) Minor/Bench Minor Penalties
(2) Major Penalties
(3) Misconduct Penalties
(4) Match Penalties
(5) Penalty Shot

(Note 1) When play is not actually in progress and an offense is committed by any player or Team Official, the same penalty shall apply as though play were actually in progress.

(Note 2) Should a player commit multiple infractions on the same play, either before or after the Referee has stopped play, the offending player shall serve the penalties consecutively.

(b) Any player, except in Adult age classifications, who receives four penalties in the same game shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty. Any Adult player who receives five penalties in the same game shall be immediately ejected for the remainder of the game with no further suspension.
     Any Head Coach whose team, except in Adult age classifications, receives twelve (12) or more penalties during one game shall be suspended for the next scheduled game of that team.

(c) For any Team Official or Player serving a suspension for a prior game misconduct violation or disciplinary suspension, the suspension will commence 45 minutes prior to the start of each game and conclude 30 minutes following the conclusion of each game.
     The Team Official or Player serving the suspension shall be prohibited from:
(1) Having any interaction, involvement or communication “in person,” electronically or otherwise with the team
(2) Being present in the locker room
(3) Being on or near the bench of their team

     Any violation of this Rule may result in supplementary discipline and may subject such Team Official or Player to further disciplinary proceedings.