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Rule 402 | Minor Penalties

Rule 402 | Minor Penalties

(Note) (Except for Adults) Affiliates or governing bodies are authorized to reduce the length of minor penalties to no less than one and one-half minutes for games under their jurisdiction where the period length is reduced to 15 minutes or less.

(a) For a “MINOR PENALTY,” any player, other than a goalkeeper, shall be ruled off the ice for two minutes during which time no substitute shall be permitted.

(b) For a “BENCH MINOR” penalty one player shall be ruled off the ice for a period of two minutes, during which time no substitute shall be permitted. Any non-penalized player of the team who was on the ice at the time of the infraction, except the goalkeeper, may be designated to serve the penalty by the Manager or Coach through the playing captain, and such player shall promptly take his place on the penalty bench.

(c) If the opposing team scores a goal while a team is shorthanded (below the on ice numerical strength of its opponent at the time of the goal) by one or more minor penalties, one of such penalties shall automatically terminate. The penalty that terminates automatically is the first minor or bench minor penalty (non-coincidental) then being served by the “shorthanded” team. This rule shall not apply when a goal is scored on a penalty shot or an awarded goal.

(d) When the minor penalties of two players of the same team terminate at the same time, the captain of that team shall designate which player will return to the ice first.

(e) When a player receives a major penalty and a minor penalty at the same time, the major penalty shall be served first by the penalized player. However, if the major or match penalty is assessed under the coincidental major or match penalty rules, the minor penalty will be recorded and served first.

(f) When an equal number of minor penalties (coincidental) are assessed to players from both teams, the penalized players shall take their place on the penalty bench and immediate substitution will take place for an equal number of minor penalties. The penalized players shall not leave the penalty bench until the first stoppage of play following the expiration of their penalties. Additional minor penalties assessed at the same stoppage that are not considered coincidental minor penalties shall be served in the normal manner.

Coincidental minor penalties shall not be taken into account for the purpose of a delayed penalty under Rule 408 (Delayed Penalties).

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