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Rule 410 | Supplementary Discipline

Rule 410 | Supplementary Discipline

(a) In addition to the suspensions imposed under these rules, the proper disciplinary authority, at its discretion and after the game has been completed, may investigate any incident that occurs in connection with any game. Any incident that occurs prior to, during, or after the game is subject to review regardless of whether the action was penalized by the Referee.

(b) Suspensions imposed during a USA Hockey governed playoff event (State, District or National Championships) must be served during that same event where the suspension occurred. If the length of suspension carries beyond that event for an advancing team, the Discipline Committee of the following Championship shall be the sole authority in determining the eligibility of the individual(s).

(c) In the case of a Match penalty, the proper disciplinary authority (as defined in the Glossary) shall be required to conduct any disciplinary actions in accordance with the provisions of USA Hockey’s “Resolutions of Disputes, Arbitration and Suspensions” section of the current USA Hockey Annual Guide.

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