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Rule 403 | Major Penalties

Rule 403 | Major Penalties

(a) For the first “MAJOR PENALTY” in any one game, any player, except the goalkeeper, shall be ruled off the ice for five minutes, during which time no substitute shall be permitted.

(b) For the second major penalty in the same game to the same player or goalkeeper, that player shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty in addition to the major penalty. The player or goalkeeper shall be suspended for his team’s next two games. This two-game suspension is in addition to any other required suspensions incurred during the same incident.

(c) When an equal number of major penalties (coincidental), are assessed to players from both teams, the penalized players shall take their place on the penalty bench and immediate substitution will take place for an equal number of major penalties. The penalized players shall not leave the penalty bench until the first stoppage of play following the expiration of their penalties. Additional minor or major penalties assessed at the same stoppage that are not considered coincidental penalties shall be served in the normal manner.

The coincidental penalty rule shall also apply in all situations where penalties of equal duration (minor or major penalties) are assessed to both teams.

Coincidental major penalties shall not be taken into account for the purpose of a delayed penalty under Rule 408 (Delayed Penalties).

(d) (For all Youth, High School and Girls’ Age Classifications) When a player is assessed a major plus misconduct or game misconduct penalty, unless immediate substitution is permitted under the coincidental major penalty Rule 403(c), the penalized team shall immediately place a substitute player on the penalty bench and such player may not be changed. 

(For Adult Classifications) When a player is assessed a major plus misconduct or game misconduct penalty, unless immediate substitution is permitted under the coincidental major penalty Rule 403(c), the penalized team shall place a substitute player on the penalty bench before the penalty expires. No other replacement for the penalized player shall be permitted to enter the game except from the penalty bench upon expiration of the penalty. For violation of this rule a bench minor penalty for illegal substitution shall be imposed.

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