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Rule 507 | Penalty Timekeeper

Rule 507 | Penalty Timekeeper

(a) The duties of the “PENALTY TIMEKEEPER” include maintaining a record, on the official forms provided, of all penalties imposed including the names/numbers of the players penalized, the infraction assessed, the duration of each penalty and the time at which the penalty was assessed.
     They shall report to the Referee any violation of Rule 401(b) and 403(b).

(b) The Penalty Timekeeper shall check and ensure that the time served by all penalized players is correct. They shall be responsible for the correct posting of all penalties on the scoreboard and shall promptly call to the attention of the Referee any discrepancy between the time recorded on the clock and the official correct penalty time. They shall, upon request, give a penalized player correct information as to the unexpired time of their penalty.

(Note 1) The infraction of the rules for which each penalty has been imposed will be announced twice over the public address system as reported by the Referee. Where players of both teams are penalized on the same play, the penalty to the visiting player will be announced first.

(Note 2) Misconduct penalties and coincidental minor or major penalties should not be recorded on the timing device, but such penalized players should be alerted and released at the first stoppage of play following the expiration of their penalties.

(c) Only penalized players and off-ice official(s), are permitted to occupy the penalty bench. Play shall not continue until any unauthorized persons have been removed.