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Rule 506 | Game Timekeeper

Rule 506 | Game Timekeeper

(a) The “GAME TIMEKEEPER” shall signal the Referee and the competing teams for the start of the game and each succeeding period. To assist in assuring the prompt return to the ice of the teams and On-Ice Officials, the Game Timekeeper shall give a preliminary warning three minutes prior to the resumption of play in each period.

If the rink is not equipped with an automatic horn, or if such device fails to function, the Game Timekeeper shall signal the end of each period by blowing a whistle.

He shall have announced on the public address system, at the appropriate time in each period, that there is one minute remaining to be played in the period.

(b) The Game Timekeeper shall note the time and then notify the Referee of a malfunction of the clock, or any other equipment, during the next normal stoppage of play. In the event of any dispute regarding time, the matter shall be referred to the Referee for adjustment and his decision shall be final.