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Rule 505 | Official Scorer

Rule 505 | Official Scorer

(a) Before the start of the game, the “OFFICIAL SCORER” shall obtain from the Manager or Coach of both teams a list of all eligible players of each team. The Official Scorer shall secure the names of the Captain and Designated Alternate(s) from the Manager or Coach of each team and will indicate each by placing the letter “C” or “A” opposite their names on the scoresheet.

(For all Youth and Girls’ Classifications) Prior to the start of the game, the Official Scorer shall obtain on the scoresheet the signatures of all coaches of each team, one of whom shall be designated as Head Coach, along with the CEP card number, CEP level and the year the CEP level was attained for each coach. 

(b) The Official Scorer shall keep a record of each goal scored by indicating those player(s) who are credited with scoring the goal and any assists and have announced over the public address system. No request for changes to the officials scoring shall be considered unless they are made at or before the conclusion of the game. 

He shall indicate on the scoresheet those players from each team who actually participated in the game. 

He shall note on the scoresheet the time any substitute or temporary goalkeeper has entered the game and designate any goal scored when the goalkeeper has been removed from the ice. 

(c) Upon the immediate conclusion of the game, the Official Scorer shall also prepare the Official Scoresheet for signature by the Referee and forward it to the proper authorities.