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Rule 502 | Referee

Rule 502 | Referee

(a) The “REFEREE” shall have general supervision of the game and their decision shall be final in all matters occurring before, during or after the game. The role of the official is to “enforce” the rules of the game and in doing so shall have full authority over all participants. 
     The Referee may not change their decision, or that of any other official, after the resumption of play following the rendering of the original decision.

(b) The Referee shall order the teams on the ice at the appointed time for the beginning of a game and for the start of each period. On-Ice Officials should enter the ice surface prior to warm-ups and remain on the ice at the conclusion of each period until all players have exited to their dressing rooms. Penalties may also be assessed during the warm-up period.
     Prior to the start of the game, the Referee shall confirm that the required off-ice officials are in their proper position and that the timing and signaling equipment is working properly.

(c) It shall be the Referee’s duty to impose such infractions as outlined in the rules and give the final decision in matters pertaining to disputed goals after consultation with the Linesmen and/or Goal Judges. They shall be responsible for ensuring each player is wearing the required protective equipment in its intended manner.
     The Referee shall announce to the appropriate office official all goals and assists legally scored as well as penalties imposed. They shall request, at the first stoppage of play, to have announced the reason for disallowing a goal in every instance when the goal light is turned on in error during play.

(d) The Referee shall see to it that players of opposing teams are separated on the penalty bench to prevent contact.

(e) At the conclusion of the game, the Referee shall check the official scoresheet, including team rosters and players in uniform, for accuracy prior to signing.