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Rule 503 | Linesman

Rule 503 | Linesman

(a) The duties of the “LINESMAN” are to determine any infractions of the rules concerning offside play at the blue lines or any violation of the “Icing the Puck” rule. They shall, when requested to do so by the Referee, give their version of any incident that may have taken place during the playing of the game.

(b) They shall conduct face-offs at all times, except at the start of the game, at the beginning of each period and after a goal has been scored.

(c) The Linesman shall stop play for the following situations:
     1. The puck goes outside the playing area (Rule 631(a)).
     2. The puck is interfered with by any ineligible person. 
     3. The puck is played with a stick above the height of the shoulder (Rule 621(d)).
     4. The puck has been illegally passed with the hand (Rule 618(b)).
     5. The goalpost has been displaced from its normal position. 
     6. When in the vicinity of the goal, the puck has entered the goal and is unobserved by the Referee.
     7. Offside occurring at the face-off circles (Rule 613(b)).
     8. Premature substitution of the goalkeeper (Rule 205(a)).
     9. Injured players (Rule 206(a)).
     10. Interference by or with spectators (Rule 626(a)).
     11. A player or goalkeeper’s helmet/facemask is removed during play (Rule 304(e)).

(d) The Linesman shall stop play and report to the Referee any infraction of the following rules:
     1. Too many players on the ice (Rule 204(b)).
     2. Articles thrown on the ice from the vicinity of the players’ or penalty bench (Rule 601(b.4)).
     3. (Delaying the game by deliberately displacing the goal post (Rule 610(c)).

(e) The Linesman shall report to the Referee at the next stoppage of play their version of any infraction of the rules that they believe constitutes a bench minor, major, match, misconduct, game misconduct or penalty shot under these rules. In addition, the Linesman shall give their version of any Injury Potential Penalty (see Glossary) that occurs behind the play and is not observed by the Referee. The Referee, at their discretion, may assess a penalty for such infractions.