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Rule 203 | Players in Uniform

Rule 203 | Players in Uniform

(a) Prior to the start of each game the Manager or Coach of each team shall designate on the scoresheet the players and goalkeepers who shall be eligible to play in the game. 
     Once the game has started, an eligible player or goalkeeper may be added to the scoresheet during a stoppage of play provided no players are deleted from the game roster and maximum roster size has not been exceeded. For each player added however, a bench minor penalty for illegal substitution shall be assessed.

(b) Each player and goalkeeper on the game roster shall wear a visible individually identifying number (only whole numbers 0-99 inclusive) that is proportionate to the size of the participants. 
     All players of each team shall be dressed uniformly.

(c) It is recommended that each team shall have a substitute goalkeeper who shall be fully dressed and equipped to play. Each team shall be allowed one goalkeeper on the ice at any time during the game.

(d) Except when all goalkeepers are incapacitated, no player on the game roster shall be permitted to wear the equipment of the goalkeeper. If a team has no designated goalkeeper who is able to continue, the team must immediately appoint a temporary goalkeeper (see Glossary) or place an additional skater on the ice who shall not have goalkeeper’s privileges.