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Rule 201 | Composition of Teams

Rule 201 | Composition of Teams

(a) A team must start a game with a minimum of six players. Any time that a team has been reduced to less than four players, the game shall be declared a forfeit. 

A maximum of 20 players, in which not more than 18 are skaters, shall be permitted to play in the game. 

(b) Each team shall designate on the scoresheet a Head Coach prior to the start of the game. The Head Coach shall be in control of and responsible for the actions of all team personnel, including players. 

A team may have up to four Team Officials on the players’ bench. Only players in uniform and properly rostered Team Officials may occupy the players’ bench.

If at any time during the game, through penalties, illness, or any other reasons, there are no Team Officials on the players’ bench to be in control of and responsible for the team, the game shall continue provided there is adult supervision on the bench. If no adult supervision is available, the referee shall suspend the game and submit a report to the proper authorities.

(c) Any Team Official serving a suspension penalty may not sit near the bench of his team, nor in any way attempt to direct the play of his team.