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Players in Uniform

Situation 1

A player is listed on the game scoresheet as “Doe #14.” It is brought to the Referee’s attention that Doe is wearing #16 and no other player is listed as #16. Should Doe be allowed to participate further in the game and without penalty to their team?

Yes. Rule References 203(a and b).

As long as the player’s name is on the scoresheet, they may participate in the game (without penalty to the team), even though their number may be listed incorrectly. The number should be changed on the scoresheet as soon as this situation arises.

Likewise, had two players on the same team been wearing each other’s jersey, they shall both be allowed to participate in the game as long as their names are listed on the scoresheet. Their numbers shall be corrected on
the scoresheet as soon as the situation is noticed, without penalty.

Situation 2

Before the start of the game, it is noticed that a player is dressed and ready to participate in the game, but is not listed on the game scoresheet. What action is to be taken?

The Referee must notify the Coach of the offending team prior to the start of the game so the necessary correction(s) can be made to the scoresheet. In this instance, no penalty is assessed. Rule Reference 203(a).

Situation 3

A youth classification player who is not listed on the game scoresheet arrives at the arena while the game is in progress. Can the player be added to the scoresheet, thus allowing them to play?

Yes, provided the team has not exceeded the number of allowable skaters and goalkeepers already listed on the scoresheet. Rule Reference 203(a).

No player can be subtracted from the scoresheet to make room for the added player and one bench minor penalty is assessed for each player added to the scoresheet after the start of the game.

Situation 4

A player has been properly listed on the scoresheet but is not present at the start of the game and their name was crossed off. Does this situation require a bench minor penalty in order to make the player eligible to participate when they arrive?

No. Rule Reference 203(a).

If the player was eligible to play in the game, their name should not be crossed off the scoresheet just because they are not present for the start of the game. Names should only be crossed off the scoresheet at the conclusion of the game once it has been confirmed the player did not participate.

Situation 5

A team has 16 skaters plus two goalkeepers listed on the game scoresheet. A skater who is not listed on the scoresheet participates in the game. What action should the Referee take when it is brought to their attention?

Add the skater’s name to the scoresheet, and assess a bench minor penalty to the player’s team. Rule Reference 203(a).

All penalties incurred and goals/assists awarded to that skater shall stand. The team may not elect to send the skater to the dressing room and forgo the bench minor penalty because the skater has already participated in the game 

Situation 6

A team has two players dressed and listed as goalkeepers in addition to 17 skaters. In the third period, the coach decides to dress the substitute goalkeeper as a forward. The goalkeeper goes to the dressing room, changes equipment and returns to the players’ bench. Are they allowed to play at any position other than goalkeeper?

Yes, as long as the team has not exceeded the maximum number of skaters or game participants. Rule Reference 203(a).

However, once a player has been designated as a goalkeeper, they may not participate as a skater unless added to the scoresheet as a skater and the team is assessed the bench minor penalty under this rule.

Situation 7

A team has eighteen skaters and two goalkeepers listed on the game scoresheet. What happens if a skater who is not listed on the scoresheet participates in the game and scores a goal?

The goal shall be disallowed. Rule References 203(a), 201(a) and 629(c).

Once the Referee has become aware of the additional skater, they must remove them from the game immediately. The team already has the maximum number of skaters on the game sheet, so the player is ineligible to participate in the game.

Situation 8

Shall a team be allowed to participate in a game with several players who are wearing sweaters that are a different color than those of their teammates?

Yes, as long as they are not similar in style and/or color to those of the opposing team. Rule Reference 203(b).

Even though Rule 203(b) states that all players of the same team must be dressed uniformly, it is not always possible for amateur hockey teams to conform to this rule. Financial and other consideration come into play at this level. Each case must be considered individually and worked out amicably among the two teams and the Referee.

Situation 9

May players of the same team wear the numbers “01” and “1” during the same game?

Yes. Rule Reference 203(b).

While the numbers are mathematically the same, the addition of the leading zero makes “01” a distinct number that is different from “1.” The scorekeeper must enter the numbers as such on the game scoresheet prior to the game and for any event.

Situation 10

Is a team allowed to play a game with six skaters and no goalkeeper?

Yes. Rule Reference 203(d).

A team may opt to play the game with six skaters and no goalkeeper. However, the Referee and the Coach must be aware that no skater is allowed to have the privileges of the goalkeeper. If the team has no designated goalkeeper on the roster, this is the only option. A temporary goalkeeper may not be used unless they have replaced a designated goalkeeper who has participated in that game and is unable to continue playing.