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Appendix II - Summary of Face-off Locations

Center Ice Spot

612(a) Start of game and periods
612(a) Goal scored
612(a), 205(a) Premature goalkeeper substitution (normal)
612(b, g) Last play face-off location – nearest spot

Neutral Zone Spot

612(b.4) Icing by non-offending team during delayed penalty
612(b.4) Non-offending team causes stoppage of play during delayed penalty
612(c) Stoppage by attacking player in Attacking Zone
612(c) Attacking player shoots puck onto netting
612(d) Gathering of players
625(b) Goal crease violation
630(c) Puck carried off-side
630(e) Off-side error by officials
631(d) Attacking team makes puck unplayable

End Zone Face-Off Spot

406(c) Unsuccessful penalty shot attempt
409(a), 612(b) Penalty assessed resulting in time on penalty clock – offending team creates stoppage
612(b) Last play face-off between end spots and end boards
612(b) Defending player shoots puck onto netting
612(f) Goal illegally scored off official
618(c) Goalkeeper throws puck forward
621(d) Puck played with high stick
624(a) Icing
624(c) Icing error by officials
630(c) Intentional off-side

Last Play Face-Off (Nearest face-off spot in same zone where play was stopped)*

205(a) Premature goalkeeper substitution (exception
612(b) Fouls by players on both sides simul taneously
612(b) General rule
618(a) Hand pass
626(a, b) Interference by spectators
629(e) Player entering from players’ bench after face-off
630(c) Puck passed off-side
631(a) Puck strikes overhead obstruction/rink defect
632(a) Stalled puck between opposing players
632(a) Puck out of sight of Referee

*Note: No territorial advantage can be gained with neutral zone face-off.