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Appendix I - Summary of Penalties

The following summary of penalties is intended for general application of the rules. Specific situations may require different applications. All referenced rules should be consulted for exact language.

Minor Penalty

Personal Fouls

601(a) Unsportsmanlike Conduct
601(a.4) Shooting puck after whistle
613(e) Face-off interference
615(a) Instigator of fighting
615(e) Players not going to bench after warning during altercation
622(a) Holding
625(a) Interference
625(a.8) Interfering with goalkeeper in crease
625(a.9) Interference by player on bench
629(b) Leaving penalty bench prematurely
634(d) Stick contact with goalkeeper

Goalkeeper Infractions

303(g) Wearing illegal equipment
406(c) Thrown stick during penalty shot
407(c) Participating in play across center line
605(c) Going to bench for stick at stoppage
610(g) Piling up obstacles in front of goal
610(g) Dropping puck onto goal netting
615(e) Leaving crease area during altercation
618(c) Holding puck more than three seconds

Bench Minor Penalty

203(a) Roster addition during game
205(b) Too many players on the ice
204(c, d) Improper goalkeeper substitution
205(e) Goalkeeper to bench at stoppage
205(f) Illegal entry from penalty bench
206(d) Injured/penalized player returns prematurely
301(c) Stick measurement legal
307(c) Equipment measurement (legal)
308(c) Use of electronic devices
601(b) Abuse of officials and other misconduct
601(g) Alcohol, tobacco, smoking on bench
610(h) Continued incorrect players on ice
633(a) Refusing to start play
633(b) Refusing to go on ice

Major plus Game Misconduct

606(a) Butt-ending
608(b) Checking From Behind (head first)
615(a,b) Fighting
619(a) Head-butting
622(b) Holding/grabbing facemask
627(a) Push off opponent with skate
629(a) Leaving Bench in Altercation
635(a) Spearing

Minor plus Misconduct Penalty

301(d) Not surrendering stick for measurement

Bench Minor or Game Misconduct or both

629(d) Team Official on ice without permission

Match Penalty (only)

305(b) Taped hand, cutting opponent
601(f) Abuse of officials and other misconduct
602(a) Deliberate or attempt to injure opponent or team official
615(c) Removing helmet prior to or during an altercation
627(b) Kicking opponent
633(a,b) Suspended game—refusal to start play

Game Misconduct Penalty

401(b) Five penalties to same player in game
403(b) Second major penalty in same game
404(a) Second misconduct penalty during same game
601(a) Persisting in unsportsmanlike conduct
601(e) Abuse of officials and other misconduct
615(c) Improperly worn helmet removed during altercation
615(d) First to intervene in altercation
626(c) Player interference with spectator

Game Misconduct or Match Penalty

634(c) Swinging stick at opponent in altercation

Penalty Shot or Awarded Goal

610(e) Deliberate goal displacement in scoring opportunity
614(b) Player falling on puck in crease
616(a,b) Fouled from behind on breakaway
618(a) Player picking up puck from crease
637(a,b) Stick thrown at puck in Defending Zone

Delay of Game, Player or Goalkeeper

309(a,c) Adjusting clothing/equipment
610(a) Freezing puck along boards or net
610(b) Goalkeeper intentionally stops play
610(c,d) Batting/shooting puck out of rink
610(e) Deliberate goal displacement
610(h) Continued improper line change during stoppages
613(d) Second face-off violation, same team
614(a,c) Falling on puck
618(a) Picking up puck from ice
632(b) Freezing puck along boards

Stick and Equipment Violations

301(c) Playing with an illegal stick
301(c) Player playing with goalkeeper stick
301(e) Playing with more than one stick
304(a) Playing without helmet/facemask
304(b) Equipment not worn under uniform
605(a) Playing with a broken stick
605(b) Receiving an illegal stick
615(a) Dropping glove(s)/stick in altercation
637(a) Throwing a stick (non-Penalty Shot)

Minor or Double Minor Penalty

640(a) Unnecessary roughness

Minor or Major (major plus game misconduct required if resulting in injury)

604(c) Body-checking in Body Contact category or non-check Adult Classification
609(a) Cross-checking
611(a) Elbowing
621(a) High-sticking
623(a) Hooking
628(a) Kneeing
634(a) Slashing
639(a Tripping/Clipping/Leg Checking/Slew Footing
640(b) Avoidable check
640(c) Checking opponent after whistle

Minor plus Misconduct or Major plus Game Misconduct

603(a) Boarding
607(a,c) Charging
608(a) Checking from behind
620(a,b) Head Contact

Minor, Double Minor or Major plus Game Misconduct

615(a) Fighting (retaliation)

Minor plus Game Misconduct Penalty

615(a) Drop glove(s)/stick, instigate altercation

Match Penalty Option

603(c) Boarding
606(b) Butt-ending
607(e) Charging
608(c) Checking from behind
615(c) Deliberately removing helmet during altercation
619(b) Head-butting
620(c) Head Contact
622(c) Holding/grabbing facemask

Misconduct Penalty

304(g) Equipment violation (after warning)
305(b) Playing with cut palm on glove
406(d) Distraction during penalty shot
601(a) Persisting in unsportsmanlike conduct
601(c) Abuse of officials and other misconduct

Misconduct or Game Misconduct Penalty

601(d) Abuse of officials and other misconduct
637(c) Stick thrown out of playing area

Penalty Shot (only)

205(g) Deliberate illegal substitution
610(e) Goalkeeper deliberately displaces goal, no breakaway
610(f) Deliberate removal of helmet/facemask, breakaway
629(c) Illegal entry, breakaway
637(b) Thrown stick, breakaway

Awarded Goal (only)

610(e) Deliberate goal displacement preventing a goal
625(c) Goalkeeper stick left in front of goal, preventing a goal