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Standard of Play and Rule Emphasis

USA Hockey will continue to observe the Standard of Play and Rule Emphasis for restraining fouls adopted in June 2006. The goal is to reduce restraining infractions in the game, allowing the skill levels of the participants to determine the outcome of a game and to increase participant enjoyment. 

USA Hockey will also continue to emphasize the Body Checking Standard of Play and Rule Emphasis adopted in 2011 as part of its effort to create a safe environment for all participants. The goal is to enhance player skill development by eliminating intimidating infractions designed to punish the opponent. Proper enforcement of this standard will improve the proper skill of legal body checking or legal body contact at all levels of play.

Hockey should be enjoyed by all participants. To that end, all participants and spectators should observe a level of personal behavior that demonstrates respect for all. USA Hockey will continue to increase awareness among all officials and coaches with regard to these Points of Emphasis and the Standard of Play and Rule Enforcement.