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Situation 16 Charts

5:00 X – 2 min.
4:45 Y – 2 min.
4:00 Z – 2 min.
3:45 Goal A – 2 min.(after goal is scored but before ensuing face-off)

Player X’s penalty expires as a result of the Team B goal. Under most circumstances Player Z’s penalty would then go on the clock, however, the fact that this would then show minor penalties starting at the same time for both teams requires that this situation be handled as an exception. Even though Team A’s penalties were assessed at different times, Player Z’s penalty must be viewed as coincidental with Player A’s penalty since they will both start at the same time on the game clock. Rule References 402(c) and 402(f).

Play will resume with Team A having Player Y in the penalty box and Team B at full strength.

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