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Adjustment to Clothing and Equipment

Situation 1

The goalkeeper requests that he be permitted to go to his players’ bench to obtain a new catching glove and remain on the ice for the ensuing face-off. Should the Referee permit this action?

No. Rule References 309(a & b) and 205(e).

Any such equipment change must be made by another player delivering the glove to the goalkeeper and such change must be made quickly without delaying the game.

Situation 2

May a Referee grant a goalkeeper permission to go to his players’ bench to adjust his equipment, recover from an injury or get a drink of water, then permit that goalkeeper to return to the game during the stoppage of play, even though the team has a substitute dressed and on the bench?

No. Rule References 309(b) and 205(e).

Any time a goalkeeper goes to his players’ bench during a stoppage of play, he must be replaced or a bench minor penalty be assessed.

However, if an unusual delay in the game occurs, such as a required rink or equipment repair, the Referee may give the goalkeeper permission to wait out the delay at his bench. A water bottle on the top of the goal is permitted.

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