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Equipment Measurement

Situation 1

How many requests for a stick measurement can be made during a stoppage of play? One request per team, per stoppage. Rule Reference 307(a).

Situation 2

Prior to a penalty shot attempt, the captain of the offending team requests a measurement of the stick of the player who is designated to take the shot. Should the Referee measure the stick immediately?

Yes. Rule Reference 307(a).

If the stick is found to be illegal, the appropriate penalty shall be assessed to the player after he takes the penalty shot with a replacement stick, whether or not a goal is scored on the penalty shot.

If the stick is found to be legal, the team requesting the measurement must be assessed a bench minor penalty to be served immediately following the penalty shot.

During any stoppage of play, all requests for a stick measurement must be made immediately.

Situation 3

The captain of Team A requests a measurement of the stick of an opponent. When asked which specific part of the stick he would like measured, he replies, “the length of the shaft and the curvature of the blade.” Should the Referee honor this request?

No. Rule Reference 307(a).

The captain must designate only one measurement per stoppage of play. The request must be specific as to which part of the stick is to be measured (i.e., blade curvature, blade width, shaft length, etc.).

Situation 4

A Team A player receives a minor penalty and is seated on the penalty bench. The Team B captain challenges that player’s stick prior to the expiration of the Team A player’s penalty. Should the Referee immediately measure the challenged stick?

No. Rule References 307(a).

The request for a measurement can only be made for a player who is on the ice at the time the request is made.

Situation 5

At the start of a game, but before the opening face-off, the captain of Team A makes a formal complaint against the dimensions of the stick of a Team B player. Should the Referee measure the stick?

Yes. The Referee must measure the stick and assess the appropriate penalty. Rule References 307(a & b).

In all instances where a player is on the ice and prepared for a face-off, he is considered ready to play and his equipment is liable for measurement.

The Referee may not measure the stick of any player on the players’ bench or penalty bench, but must wait until the player is on the ice.

Situation 6

The captain of Team A requests that the Referee check the mouthpiece of a Team B player, to determine if he is wearing one. Is the Referee required to honor this request and, if so, is there a penalty to be assessed Team A if the request is not sustained?

The Referee must honor this request. If the complaint is not sustained, no bench minor penalty is assessed unless the Referee feels that the request was made solely for the purpose of delaying the game Rule References 307(a & c), 304(f), and 610(h).

Situation 7

May the Referee make a measurement of equipment without a request from the opposing team?

Yes. Rule Reference 307(b).

The Referee may measure any equipment, other than a stick, without a request from the opposing team, but only when the equipment in question is being used for the first time in the game. The Referee may, however, order the replacement of any equipment that he deems to be dangerous, at any time.

Situation 8

May a Referee measure the stick of a player without a request from the opposing team? No. Rule Reference 307(b).

A request for a stick measurement must come from the opposing team. Any other piece of equipment may be measured by the referee provided it is being used for the first time in the game.

However, if the stick is deemed to be dangerous (edges are not beveled or the blade has a pointed end), the Referee may order the player to remove the stick from the game.

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