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Situation 1

Is the freezing of game pucks an acceptable practice?

Yes. Rule References 306(a & b).

The freezing of game pucks helps to keep them from bouncing on the ice during the game.

Situation 2

How much of a chip must be missing from a puck to render it unplayable?

Any puck that, in the opinion of the Referee, is chipped enough to alter the normal movements of the puck shall be deemed unplayable. Rule References 306(a & b).

Officials should err on the side of caution and remove any puck that is damaged to the point where the edges are not rounded and or the surface is not flat.

Situation 3

In a 8 & under game, neither team has any lightweight blue pucks. Can the game be played with the conventional weight black puck?

Yes, provided both head coaches consent to play the game and designates such on the scoresheet. Rule Reference 306(b).

The officials are also required to report this situation to the Proper Authorities.

Situation 4

An 8 & under team is playing an exhibition game against a 10 & under team. Which puck shall be used for the game?

The black puck may be used provided the head coach of the 8 & under team agrees to do so and signs the scoresheet accordingly. Rule Reference 306(b).

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