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Dangerous Equipment

Situation 1

A player is found to have several small holes in the palm of his glove which allow his fingers to protrude. Should he be penalized?

No. Rule Reference 305(b).

The intent of this rule is to prohibit the use of gloves where the palm has been intentionally removed or cut to permit the use of the bare hands. Where the palms are worn to the point of some exposed holes, such gloves are permissible unless, in the opinion of the Referee, the holes are of such a size that the player may use his bare hands to hold an opponent.

Situation 2

A player receives a misconduct penalty for playing with a glove that has the palm deliberately removed. After his penalty expires he participates in the play again, with the same glove. What penalty shall be assessed for a second violation of this rule?

A game misconduct penalty in lieu of the second misconduct penalty to be assessed. Rule Reference 305(b).

A player cannot “buy” his way into a game with illegal equipment by serving a misconduct penalty. The equipment must be corrected before he can legally participate again.

Situation 3

A player in an altercation has dropped their gloves and is wearing tape only on their left hand. They punch their opponent with their right hand, injuring themself. Should the Referee assess a match penalty?

Yes. Rule References 305(b) and 602(a).

The Referee cannot be expected to determine which hand did the damage to the opponent. The Rule does not specify that the injury must be caused by the taped hand.

Situation 4

What protection satisfies the “jewelry” rule regarding a player who is wearing an earring?

A HECC certified helmet (with ear pieces) or clear tape that secures the earring to the body will satisfy the rule requirements. Rule Reference 305(c).