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Situation 1

A goalkeeper has wrapped tape around the end of the shaft of the stick forming a “knob.” The knob is not on the end of the stick, but located 5-6 inches lower than the butt end. Is this stick considered to be dangerous equipment?

No. Rule Reference 301(a).

The knob does not have to be at the end of the stick. Rule 301(a) provides that adhesive tape may be wrapped around the stick at any place to improve control of the puck.

Situation 2

A player uses a hollow shafted stick without the insertion plug on the top. Shall the Referee allow a player to play with such a stick?

No, the stick shall be replaced immediately. Rule Reference 301(a).

The player must have the plug inserted or have a sufficient amount of tape covering the exposed end of the shaft to prevent injury.

Situation 3

If an Official sees a stick which appears cracked, chipped or splintered, are they permitted to have such stick removed from the game without assessing a penalty to the player in possession of it?

Yes. Rule References 301(a) and 605(a).

The stick should be immediately removed from the game and either sufficiently taped up or replaced. Such a stick does not have to be considered broken, since it will most likely be fit for play (ability to control the puck).

The Referee would not measure the stick for proper blade dimensions unless requested by the opponent. Instead, they would simply deem the stick to be dangerous equipment and no penalty is assessed provided the player follows the Referee’s instructions.

Situation 4

If a request is made to measure a player’s stick, may the player remove any tape from the stick, if used, prior to the measurement?

No. Rule References 301(a and d).

While the rules allow tape to be used on the stick, the tape becomes a part of the stick when it is used and must be included as part of the stick measurement. If the tape increases the width or the curvature of the blade to illegal proportions, the stick is considered to be illegal even though the bare stick may conform to the rules.

If a player intentionally removes any tape prior to the measurement, they must be given a minor and a misconduct penalty, the same as if they had refused to surrender the stick for measurement purposes.

Situation 5

Can a player participate in the play with a stick that has a curved or bent shaft?

Yes. Rule Reference 301(b).

As long as the total length of the shaft does not exceed 65 inches, the stick shall be considered to be legal.

Situation 6

If the goalkeeper loses or breaks their stick, can they participate with a stick that would normally be used by a defenseman or a forward?

Yes. Rule Reference 301(b).

A goalkeeper may use any stick as long as it does not exceed maximum measurements as outlined for a goalkeeper’s stick.

Situation 7

Is there a maximum curvature for a goalkeeper’s stick?

Yes. The curvature of the goalkeeper’s stick is restricted to 3⁄4 inch, the same as for other players. Rule Reference 301(b).

Situation 8

The Captain asks for a stick measurement of the curve of an opponent’s stick. The curve measured 1⁄2 inch at the bottom and 1 inch at the top. Is the stick curvature legal?

Yes. The stick curvature is legal. Rule References 301(b and c).

The maximum curvature is determined by a measurement at the bottom of the stick blade only. The team requesting the measurement must be assessed a bench minor penalty.

Situation 9

What should the Referee do with a stick that has been measured and found to be illegal?

If the stick is found to be illegal, it must be removed from the game immediately and given to an Off-Ice Official. The stick must be released to the player after the game. Rule Reference 301(c).

The stick must not be given back to the player during the game if it is illegal in any way.

Situation 10

A player takes a penalty shot. After the completion of play they refuse to surrender their stick for measurement when requested to do so by the Referee. What penalty or penalties, if any, must be assessed?

A minor penalty plus a misconduct must be assessed to the player. Rule Reference 301(c and d).

This penalty shall be assessed any time a player refuses to surrender their stick for a measurement. If a goal was scored during the penalty shot, it shall be allowed regardless of whether or not the measurement was made or of the outcome of the measurement.

Situation 11

Player A6 loses possession of their stick. Teammate A10 hands their stick to A6. After a period of time with play still in progress, A6 hands the stick back to A10 who has still not received another stick. Following this second exchange of sticks, A6 picks up the stick which is lying on the ice. Has anything illegal occurred in this situation?

No. Rule References 301(e) and 605(b).

No rule has been violated as long as either player does not participate in play with more than one stick.