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Rule 305 | Dangerous Equipment

Rule 305 | Dangerous Equipment

(a) The use of pads or protectors made of metal, or of any other material likely to cause injury to a player, is prohibited. The wearing of casts or splints made of hard or unyielding materials is prohibited, even if padded, unless directed in writing by a licensed medical physician. Such casts or
splints must be covered on all exterior surfaces with no less than ½ inch thick, high-density, closed-cell polyurethane or an alternate material of the same minimum thickness and similar physical properties to protect an injury.

(b) A glove from which all or part of the palm has been removed or cut to permit the use of the bare hand shall be considered illegal equipment. A misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player wearing such a glove in play. 
     Any player wearing tape or any other material on their hands who cuts or injures an opponent during an altercation shall receive a match penalty under Rule 602.

(c) Except for Adults, no player or goalkeeper shall be permitted on the ice while wearing jewelry unless it is completely covered by equipment or taped to the body.

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