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Rule 301 | Sticks

Rule 301 | Sticks

(a) The sticks shall be made of wood or other material approved by the Rules Committee, and must not have any projections. All edges of the blade shall be beveled. The end of a hollow shaft must be fully covered. Adhesive tape of any color may be wrapped around the stick at any place for the purpose of reinforcement or to improve control of the puck. 

(b) No stick shall exceed 63 inches in length from the heel to the end of the shaft. The widened portion of the goalkeeper’s stick extending up the shaft from the blade shall not extend more than 26 inches from the heel and shall not exceed 3 ½ inches in width.

The blade of the player’s stick shall not exceed 12 ½ inches in length and 3 inches in width. The width of the blade shall be a minimum of 2 inches at any point measured along the blade.

The blade of the goalkeeper’s stick shall not exceed 15 ½ inches in width from the heel to the end. The blade of the goalkeeper’s stick shall be between 2 inches and 3 ½ inches wide except at the heel where the maximum width shall be 4 ½ inches. 

The curvature of the blade, measured in such a way that a straight line drawn from the heel to the base of the toe shall not exceed ¾ inch at the point of maximum curvature.

(c) A minor penalty for an equipment violation shall be assessed to any player or goalkeeper who uses a stick not conforming to the provisions of this rule.

(Note) When a request for measurement is made by the Captain of a team against the dimensions of any stick, the Referee shall make the necessary measurement immediately. 

If the complaint is not sustained, a bench minor penalty for delay of game shall be assessed to the team requesting the measurement.

If a goal is scored with an illegal stick, the proper penalty shall be assessed and the goal shall be allowed.

(d) A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct plus a misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who refuses to surrender his stick for measurement when requested to do so by the Referee.

(e) A minor penalty for an equipment violation shall be assessed to a player or goalkeeper who participates in the play while he is in possession of more than one stick, except that no penalty shall be assessed to a player who is accidentally struck by the puck while he is carrying a replacement stick to a teammate.

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