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Signal & Timing Devices

Situation One

During the middle of the first period the timekeeper accidentally blows the horn. What procedure should the On- Ice Officials follow?

Stop play immediately. Rule Reference 108(a).

As always, safety is one of our major concerns during all USA Hockey games. Play is dead the instant the horn blows, and the On-Ice Officials must blow their whistles to ensure that all participants are aware of this situation. The ensuing face- off will be conducted at the last play face-off location. 

Situation Two

A goal is scored with one second remaining in the period, but the buzzer sounds to end the period before the timekeeper can stop the clock. The goal is allowed, but should the ensuing face-off take place?

No. Rule References 108(a & b).

It is not necessary for the Referee to conduct the center ice face-off. The players may use the face-off as an opportunity to start an altercation, and the sounding of the buzzer signifies the end of a period. 

Situation Three

A face-off occurs with ten seconds remaining in the period. As play begins, one of the On-Ice Officials notices that the clock has not started. Should the Official stop play immediately to remedy the situation.

No. Rule Reference 108(b).

As soon as the Official notices that the clock has not started, he must begin counting down the remaining seconds in his head. If he counts down to 0:00 and the period should have ended but didn’t, he must stop play to end the period.

If the Official properly counts down to 0:00 in the above situation, but does not stop the play for whatever reason, any goal that has been scored after he counts down to 0:00 shall be disallowed.

Situation Four

The horn sounds to end a period; however, the clock shows two seconds remaining. Is the period over?

Yes. Rule Reference 108(e).

Whenever the timing device is equipped with an automatic sounding alarm that signifies the end of a period, the “sound” shall be considered the end of the period, even though the clock may show minimal time remaining.

Conversely, if play stops with 0:00 showing on the clock but the horn has not sounded, the game shall continue until the sound occurs or until it becomes obvious that the horn is not functioning properly.

It is critical for all on-ice officials to be aware of the time at the end of each period. It is also critical to follow proper officiating procedures to enable the officials to make the proper decision as to the puck crossing the goal line prior to or after the end of a period.

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